Kpability, as a comprehensive and holistic customer centric services and solutions provider, proposes an integrated solution aimed in customer-relationship building and providing a complete 360-degree view of our client’s customer. Ours is a service that is bounded by a multi-faceted process. This process encompasses and integrates the strategic, the creative, the technological and the analytical. This approach ensures a holistic, integrated, multi-customer, multi-channel and well-defined customer-centric business case for each of our clients.


CRM Strategy Consulting

Our CRM strategy Consulting group helps our clients target win and engage their customers. How do we do it? By helping them determine their Key Customer Segments and helping them build their organization around it. By designing the effectiveness of customer touch points specific to each segment, we are able to design the desired and optimal Customer Experience. This is key in building successful relationships with their customers.


Data and Analytics

Our data and analytics services and solutions allow our clients to think ahead of their customers. By interpreting customer information in powerful ways, they can achieve a descriptive picture of how their customers think, act and engage with them, and a predictive picture of how they will behave in the future, providing you information on how they can serve them better.


Customer Interaction Management Solutions

A successful CRM strategy executed is one that works hand-in-hand with technology. It provides a platform for execution that is seamless, integrated, automated and more importantly, tailor-fit according to the CRM needs of a particular business and industry. To do this, Kpability uses leading and world-class customer interaction management solutions software and has the ability to customize them according to the unique situation, objectives and organizational processes of a client. We provide a portfolio of customer interaction management solutions that are not only highly customizable and configurable, but in themselves range in their offerings around different business segments, from large enterprise accounts to small and mid-range businesses.  


Digital Customer Experience Management

Customer-centricity has entered a new era of customer relationship marketing where the “internet of things” and disrupting technologies have enhanced and interconnected the customer’s experience with our brands to all things digital. While CRM remains as the core concept behind customer-centricity, managing the digital customers’ journey now penetrates the very core of CRM itself.

Our digital Customer Experience Management Services allow savvy marketers to proactively manage and respond to the digitally powered customer.